Multi-Media Messaging Service

Send and receive pictures, video clips and audio recordings via MMS to another mobile number or email address for just P5.00! To configure your handset, click here. For more info on MMS, click here.




Text Mo Libre Ko

Text Mo Libre Ko lets family and friends with prepaid lines text YOU for FREE. Pay only P1.00 for receiving and replying to their text.

Now, they can ALWAYS text you even if they have 0 load. Just tell them to text their messages to 2354 + your Globe number (Ex: 235409179xxxxxx).




Chikker Mobile

Follow your friends on Chikker! Get mobile updates wherever you are.

Register an account for FREE. Text REG <username> to 2354.

To update your followers, text PUBLISH <your message> to 2354. P1.00/text.


To invite your friends to follow you, text INVITE <mobile number or username> to 2354. P1.00/text.

For a complete list of keywords, text HELP CHIKKER to 2354. P1.00/text.

For more info, visit




Yahoo! Messenger on SMS

Stay connected with your Yahoo Messenger buddies wherever you are through your mobile phone.

To log in, send IN <YahooID password> to 2258.

To view your your contacts, send GET ALL to 2258.

To initiate a message, send TO <YahooID message> to 2258.




Todo Chat (SMS)

Meet new friends in your location or age group with just a few texts. Start now!


Register for free. Text REG <chat name, age, gender, location> to 2353. Ex: REG ED 21 M QC

To send a message, text chat name message to 2353.
To get free weekly chat mate list, text ON ALERTS to 2353.
To get list of chatrooms, text ROOM to 2353.
To find a chatmate, text FIND <info> to 2353. Ex: FIND F QC
To post a shoutout, text SHOUT <message> to 2353.
To post a description, text TAG <description> to 2353.
To view profile, text VIEW <chat name> to 2353.
To change your name, text NAME <new name> to 2353.
To block user, reply with BLOCK.
For complete list of commands, text HELP to 2353.

P1/text for first 3 days if new user. P2.50/text after the trial period.


Free from 10 pm - 8 am if registered to NYTCHAT.


To register, text NYTCHAT to 2353. P15/night.




Mobile Chat (SMS)

Welcome to Mobile Chat! Now, you can text or call your chatmates without giving your cellphone number.


Register now to start meeting new friends. Text REG <nickname> to 2323. Ex: REG ChickMagnet to 2323.

To get list of chatrooms, text ROOMS to 2323.
To join a chat room, text JOIN <room name> to 2323.
To view chatters in a particular room, text LIST <room name> to 2323.
To send a message, text TO <nick> <message> to 2323.
To send a quick reply to the last person that sent you a private message, text R <message> to 2323.
To quit, text QUIT to 2323.
To block someone, text BLOCK <nickname> to 2323.
To get list of names on your block list, text LISTBLOCK to 2323.
To get your chat mate's virtual mobile number, text CALL <nickname> to 2323.
To allow other users to call you using your virtual mobile number, text CALL ON to 2323.