Let your voice be heard on Bubbly!

Bubbly is a new voice-based social networking service that’s fun and easy to use. Just dial **1 from your mobile phone and start recording your personal voice blog for free. Ask your friends to listen and follow your voice blog by dialling **your 11-digit mobile number (Ex. **09171234567).

Post your voice blog number on your Facebook, Twitter, or other sites and start gaining followers! You can even follow the voice blogs of your favorite celebrities and the hottest bloggers in town! Just dial any of the following numbers below:

Voice Blogger’s Name Voice Blog Number
Bo Sanchez **8800
Mikey Bustos **8722
Jim Paredes **8812
Our Awesome Planet/Anton Diaz **8803
Paraluman Band **8820
Ernville Band **8821
Gracenote **8822
Cathy Go **8825
Chucky Dreyfus **8826
DJ Roanna Ruiz **8827
Lougee Basbas **8830

Once you’ve subscribed to another voice blogger, you'll receive FREE SMS updates of their new recordings. All you have to do is dial **2 for FREE, which is your voice inbox. Subscription to a Premium Blogger is just P1.00 per day or P30/30 days. For more info, text HELP to 2101. P1.00/text

Summary of Rates:
Dial **1 to record for FREE.
Dial **2 to listen to subscribed blogs or replies to your blogs for FREE
Dial **(BLOG NUMBER) to listen to a voice blogger for the first time and to subscribe. FREE to call, P1/day if you decide to subscribe.
Text HELP to 2101, P1.00/text




Facebook Mobile

Your notifications just keep on coming with Facebook Mobile! Receive FREE unlimited Facebook notifications on ANY phone when you subscribe to Facebook Mobile. You can also post an update or reply to a comment, chat with online Facebook friends, add new friends, poke, etc for only P1.00!

Register now to start using Facebook Mobile! Just follow these easy steps:
1. Text F to 2123 for FREE.
2. You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.
3. Save the code then log onto your Facebook account on the web at www.facebook.com .
4. Click on Account.
5. Click on Account Settings.
6. Click on Mobile.
7. Click on Already receive a mobile confirmation code?
8. Enter your confirmation code in the text box then click on Confirm.

There, you are all set! You can now start using Facebook on your mobile phone. Receiving Facebook notifications is FREE.

Outgoing messages such as status updates, comments, messages, and pokes cost P1.00 each. Text <MESSAGE> to 2123.

You may also get a daily subscription of 10 outgoing messages for only P5.00 per day. Text ON F5 to 2123. You will be charged P1.00 after you exceed 10 outgoing messages.





Facebook Chat

Never miss a chance to be in touch with your friends on Facebook by staying online all the time via SMS.

Once registered, you will appear as online on Facebook Chat, and may reply to and initiate a message anytime. Receiving messages is FREE and SMS sent is only P1.00/text.

Note that you will need to send at least 1 txt per 3 messages received to continue receiving messages from any of your friends.

How to register:

1. Register to Facebook Mobile by sending F to 2123, then follow the instructions.
2. Send ON CHAT to 2123.




Mobile Tweet

Send and receive updates on your Twitter account via SMS!

To register, text TWEET REG to 2363 for FREE.
To send a tweet, text TWEET to 2363. P1.00/text.
To get your last 150+ tweets, text FEED to 2363. P2.50/text.
To get your last 150+ DMs and mentions, text DM to 2363. P2.50/text.


You can also send unlimited tweets within 24 hours for only P20.00 plus enjoy 10 free direct messages and/or mentions. To avail, text UNLITWEET to 2363. P20 for 1 day.


For more info, text TWEET to 2363 for free or click here.





Share. Upload photos and videos straight from your phone or computer! Share your media with everyone or choose to keep them private. You may also publish your media directly to other sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, and Friendster.

Connect. It's easier to make friends with the new PIXLINK! You can even make your friends feel special by sending them a message or a gift. Also find out what others think about your photo when you submit it to "Hit or Miss."

Belong. Be an active member of the PIXLINK community! Are you game for some friendly competition? Join the weekly assignments and pit your photography skills with other PIXLINK users. Be generous in giving comments to other people's media, as long as you keep them friendly. Remember, at PIXLINK, we're one big happy family!

To register, text PIXLINK to 2988 for free or visit www.pixlink.com.ph




Air Date

Single and free to mingle? Then go to Air Date, where millions of singles can connect and flirt through chat rooms, private messages, voice calls and gifts, and even browse photo profiles!

Just visit http://globeph.airg.ca using your phone's browser.




Moko Mobi

Expand your circle of friends and meet some "mokies"!


Make new friends at Moko.mobi. Just visit http://ph-globe.moko.mobi
using your phone's browser.





Habbo is a social networking website and home to a wide community of teenagers all around the world. Habbo users can role play certain scenarios, design their own Hotel rooms and create a social space for themselves and their friends. Habbo Philippines can now be accessed by logging on to http://www.habbo.com.ph/

You may earn credits to enhance your character through the Habbo Mobile service. Just send HABBO 60 to 29101 and get 3 Wallpapers and earn 10 Habbo credits for your Habbo account. You will be charged P60.00.


Text HELP HABBO to 29101 for more info. P2.50/help.